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Signs that a dog bite has become infected

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2024 | Personal Injury

In some cases, the main risk from a dog bite comes at the time of the attack. This is why children often face a greater risk from dogs, for example. They can suffer very serious injuries very quickly.

But even someone who suffers from a minor dog bite could still see serious ramifications if that bite becomes infected. An infection may necessitate immediate medical care, as some infections can get so bad that you may need surgery, an amputation, or other serious types of intervention. Addressing the infection as soon as possible may give you a better chance of recovery by using tactics like medication and rest. But how do you know if the bite is infected?

Symptoms to watch out for after a bite

The key is to look for symptoms that are getting worse over time, rather than getting better. Any wound should slowly be healing, and indicators that your condition is getting worse mean that something is wrong. Some of these indicators could include:

  1. You develop a fever. 
  2. You experience chills and/or sweating. 
  3. You have swollen glands or lymph nodes. 
  4. There are red streaks under your skin, moving away from the bite mark. 
  5. The wounded area looks red and inflamed. 
  6. The bite, and the flesh around it, feels warm to the touch. 
  7. The pain is increasing, rather than decreasing. 
  8. Liquid, such as pus, is noticed around the wound and it has consistent discharge.

If you do need medical treatment for an infected dog bite, you may miss time at work and have relatively high medical bills. In a situation like this, it’s very important for you to know how to seek proper financial compensation from the dog’s owner.