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3 ways Idaho police officers build drunk driving cases

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2024 | Criminal Defense

One of the reasons that Idaho police officers pull people over is suspicion of intoxication. Someone who has alcohol before driving is at elevated risk on the road. Police officers may arrest anyone who they believe made the intentional decision to drive while drunk.

Drunk driving charges could lead to a licensed suspension, jail time and financial consequences. Most drivers would prefer to avoid impaired driving charges and penalties. Those who are familiar with how police officers start building a case may be in a better position to assert themselves during a traffic stop. The following are the three main methods of gathering evidence during an impaired driving traffic stop in Idaho.

Probing questions

A police officer who believes that someone may have had too much to drink is likely to ask a number of questions about what someone did before they got behind the wheel. Police officers who think the answers to those questions indicate impairment or who suspect someone of lying might attempt to gather additional evidence of potential impairment.

Field sobriety tests

Idaho police officers frequently ask people to step out of their vehicles when there is reason to suspect chemical intoxication. They ask drivers to perform a series of physical tasks that a better idea of someone’s chemical state. The results of field sobriety testing could give a police officer the probable cause required under state law to arrest someone.

Chemical testing

Once a police officer has probable cause to believe that someone drove while drunk, they can arrest someone and administer a chemical test to establish their blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If a driver refuses to undergo chemical testing when an officer already has grounds to arrest them, they might face secondary allegations of violating Idaho’s implied consent law. Test results that show someone is over the legal limit could bolster the state’s claims that they broke drunk driving statutes.

Those who know what to expect during a traffic stop may be in a better position to fight back against criminal charges. Depending on the evidence that the state has accumulated, there may be a variety of different tactics that can help someone properly respond to drunk driving allegations.