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Were You Hurt In An Accident?

If so, you were likely seen by a doctor, treated for injuries and then discharged. Depending on your injury, the next few days were relatively easy until you received the first medical bill. Dealing with this country’s medical billing and recovery system is always difficult, but you do not have to go it alone.

The attorneys of have a combined 80 years of experience pursuing compensation for injured people in and around Boise. We understand Idaho law on fault, car accidents and other personal injury matters. But where we set ourselves apart is our devotion to our clients and an intense, aggressive representation in such cases as:

Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Crashes

Motor vehicle accidents involving are among the most common types of personal injury cases. The injuries tend to be very severe, and the difficulties in pursuing compensation are usually quite great. No matter what kind of vehicle you drove during your accident, if another driver is at fault for your injury, you deserve compensation.


Slip, and falls are the most common type of accident under premises liability law. This area of the law also includes negligent security and dog bites. The principle is simple, if your injury happens on someone else’s property, they may be liable for it. These are complex, often stressful cases, but we understand the law and know how dire the situation may be for you.

Traumatic Brain Injury And Catastrophic Injury

Significant injuries are always the most hard-fought types of cases in personal injury law. Catastrophic injury includes such injuries as amputations, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and extensive burns. Insurance companies fight these cases vigorously because the victims in these accidents need extensive, often lifelong, treatment and help.

Wrongful Death

It is impossible to put a price on the life of a loved one. However, if another’s negligent actions have taken your spouse, parent, child or another dear loved one, you deserve compensation. From a strictly financial standpoint, you may need help to cover your bills going forward. But you may also hope to hold someone responsible for what you lost.

Holding The Negligent Accountable

We take on the problems facing our clients and pursue the results of the need to cover their expenses after injuries. This is a stressful time for you, but we can make this much easier.

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