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A business represents an immense amount of care and effort on your part. You have poured a lot of your time and effort into the company, and legal difficulties can jeopardize that. Building a relationship with a skilled legal team can be an important safeguard to what you’ve built.

The attorneys of have over 80 years of combined experience in offering legal solutions to businesses from Boise and across Idaho. We’re a small firm, but we have extensive backgrounds involving the most complex commercial law matters. We provide highly effective service in such matters as:

Contracts, Leases And License Agreements

When we talk about business transactions, the nuts and bolts of business law are in contracts, leases and licensing. We have negotiated, written, litigated and reviewed these many times. We can provide insight into what you want out of your agreements and take steps to keep them secure. We can enforce your agreements when necessary.

Copyright And Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property is one of the most important, valuable and complex assets your company owns. Ensuring its protection via patents, copyrights or other actions is essential. We can review your current IP protections and possible liabilities. After an in-depth legal analysis, we can provide a strategy to help keep your business secure.

Entity Formation And Dissolution

When you open a business, one of the first and most consequential steps you will take is deciding what business entity you will choose. You’ll want to answer some important questions about your goals, including:

  • How much liability should I carry?
  • How much am I willing to spend on this?
  • How much will I pay in taxes?

These questions are a starting place for discussing how to start your business.

At the same time, we also help companies seeking to close their doors and dissolve their corporate status. This is an intricate area of the law, and we ensure these matters are handled carefully.

Media Law And Advertising

Advertising and media are a reality for all companies looking to gain customers. However, the laws governing these areas can be extremely complicated. We provide thoughtful, attentive service to clients dealing with legal problems with their advertising efforts.

Comprehensive, Efficient Attorneys

When your business needs legal help, contact our team. We prioritize your goals and tailor our approach to you. There are many ways we can assist you. Call our office at to schedule a meeting.