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The dangers of delayed injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Personal Injury

An automobile accident could leave someone with obvious and severe injuries. Someone bleeding from lacerations or knocked unconscious may be rushed to an Idaho emergency room. However, bleeding can happen internally, and a person might suffer a concussion without ever noticing. Others may experience delayed injuries, which could cause complications at a later time.

Delayed injuries

In the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident, a victim might feel sensations or symptoms reflecting a greater problem than they believe. Although someone might walk away from an accident, they could feel tingling in the extremities or experience back or neck pain. Such problems might not manifest immediately, leading some to think that they are not serious injuries.

However, thinking a problem is minor doesn’t make it so. An accident victim could suffer herniated disks or a broken neck and not know how bad things are.

Delayed injuries after a vehicle accident to be aware of vary depending on the accident, but be very mindful of head, chest or thoracic contusions and injuries. Accident victims might benefit from seeking immediate care at an emergency room right after an accident even if they don’t feel hurt.

Injuries and negligence

The average person is not likely in a position to assess how seriously they were hurt in a car crash. A physician should perform the thorough examination necessary to determine the extent of the harm. Sometimes, a person may face additional threats, such as blood clots. Without a careful examination, someone may suffer a fatal reaction in the days following the accident.

Financial losses may follow an accident as the victim might need to miss work to recover. Bills could pile up, including those related to medical care. Dealing with financial fallout might add significant stress, creating mental anxiety over the situation. Filing a personal injury lawsuit may help a victim procure compensation for such losses.