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Safety on the road in the summer

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Personal Injury

The summer season in Idaho is often a fun time of the year for traveling and outdoor activities. However, there are a few hazards during the summer months that you should be aware of.


One way to decrease the risk of motor vehicle accidents in the summertime is by keeping an eye out for distractions. These could include other drivers who could be on their phones or doing other activities while driving, the sun glistening off surfaces, or passengers in your vehicle. Paying attention to the road, instead of the sights and sounds around you, can help ensure faster reaction times so that you arrive at your summertime destination safely.


While you might not have to worry about snow and ice while driving in the summer months, you could be tasked with navigating through torrential downpours or high winds. These weather conditions could be from thunderstorms which can be expected during this time of the year or even tornadoes. If you see the sky turning dark or notice the possibility of severe weather in the forecast, consider delaying your travel.


Since there are usually more people on the roads in the summer months, you want to try to increase your following distance. This is due to roadways being more crowded with traffic, sometimes resulting in drivers needing to stop suddenly without warning.

Driving during the summer has similarities to other times of the year. Remember that a little preparation can decrease the risk of an accident.