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What are the most common forms of distracted driving in 2023?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | Personal Injury

Car accidents can occur in many different ways, but however they happen, Idaho residents can be left dealing with serious injuries. Distracted driving ranks as one of the leading causes of accidents that could have otherwise been avoided. These are the most common forms of distracted driving.

Technology-related distractions

The use of technology behind the wheel is one of the most common causes of distracted driving. Many people become distracted while using cellphones to make or receive calls, compose, send or read text messages and even snap photos or post on social media.

Distracted driving also occurs when drivers fiddle with the vehicle controls to program music, directions and other things. These behaviors can all lead to devastating car accidents and cause personal injury to anyone sharing the road with such drivers.

Emotional factors

Daydreaming and emotional factors such as work-related stress are other reasons for distracted driving. If a driver is under undue emotional stress, it can cause their mind to drift off of their driving and an accident can happen. Whether a person is angry, sad, overwhelmed or going through any other extreme emotion, it can negatively affect their ability to safely drive.


Even engaging in conversations with passengers in the vehicle can cause a driver to become dangerously distracted. If a driver gets into a heated conversation with a passenger or even a pleasant one that’s deep, it can take their concentration away from the task of driving and lead to a car accident.

Distracted driving causes cognitive, manual and visual distractions or a combination of them. Even if only one type of distraction applies, it can have serious impacts. Injuries stemming from distracted driving accidents can be life-changing.