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Three common ways workers end up victims of wrongful terminations

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Employment Law

Idaho is a state full of many hard-working people. Unfortunately, these people can also find themselves victims of wrongful terminations. A wrongful termination is any discharge that violates either local, state or federal laws. With that said, someone must prove that certain things happened before they can potentially obtain a favorable outcome in a wrongful termination case.


In a perfect world, people could work together without discrimination existing. But, as you know, that’s not the case. Discrimination can involve treating someone differently due to age, sex, race, religious beliefs or gender identities. Workplace discrimination can happen in the form of inappropriate jokes, comments, or actions.

Contract breach

Most companies follow employment law by having new hires sign contracts. These contracts can detail the terms of a person’s job duties, how long this contract is valid, and other important information. A contract should also clearly describe how an employer ends an agreement between itself and an employee or contractor. If you were recently let go, look over the contract you signed before you started working for this employer. If this company didn’t follow proper termination procedures, you might be the victim of a wrongful termination.


Other wrongful termination cases can involve retaliation. For example, imagine that you recently reported safety violations or inappropriate behavior by a manager or supervisor. Hopefully, reporting problems means that a company fixes them. But, sometimes, a company might get rid of an employee instead of solving problems.

Wrongful terminations can happen in many ways. Gather as much evidence as possible if you suspect you’re the victim of a wrongful termination. This evidence could help prove the other party’s wrongdoings.