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Tips for avoiding winter hazards while walking

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2022 | Personal Injury

Dealing with an Idaho winter can be tricky, especially if your schedule causes you to spend much of your time on the go. And while driving in hazardous conditions is one of the more notable dangers, even walking during the winter months can be a risk.

A surprising number of personal injury situations are caused by the simple act of walking, and the biggest culprit for accidents is hazardous conditions caused by the elements. Walking in snowy, slushy or icy conditions requires some extra care and consideration.

Take precautions and plan ahead

The first step toward walking safely in snow and winter conditions is setting yourself up for success. That means wearing the right foot ware.

If walking surfaces will be icy, make sure to wear shoes or boots with non-slip rubber soles. And if you’re expecting heavy snow or slush, high boots with thick soles will keep your feet dry and warm.

Many walking accidents happen at your home or in the immediate vicinity. Be sure to put down salt (or sand/grit) on your walkways if ice is likely to accumulate, and try to shovel or plow your driveways as soon as possible.

Use your environment intelligently

One of the most common mistakes people make leading to walking accidents is trying to take shortcuts or leaving designated pathways. It may be tempting to save a bit of time, especially when the temperature drops, but stay on pre-cleared paths, sidewalks and roads. It’s far less likely that you’ll encounter unexpected ice or snow.

And be sure to take advantage of any safety precautions around you, like handrails. Stairs in particular can be extremely dangerous when snowy or icy. Having a grip to steady you can be the difference between staying upright and falling.

Taking a little extra care and following some of the above precautions can keep you safe while walking in snow and other winter conditions.